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How To Save Downloaded Videos From Disney Plus

Downloading and saving your favorite content to watch offline can be your savior in your time of need. Furthermore, when the content is from the disneyplus.com login/begin vault, it is worth binging online and offline. Additionally, many Disney+ subscribers would know how to download videos from the streaming platform. However, the procedure to save the downloaded videos from Disney Plus is not that familiar to many. 

Every user can download films and television shows on Disney+ for offline watching. It’s a very useful function if you’re traveling or in an area with spotty internet. Everything on Disney+ is uninterrupted for your enjoyment. Thus, you can follow the below writing to learn how to download videos from Disney+. Plus, it covers the instructions to save the downloaded videos from Disney Plus. 

Devices That Support Disney+ Offline Viewing

Everything on Disney+ is available for download, including the newest Marvel movie, Star Wars series, and every Simpsons episode. However, only mobile devices have functionality for offline viewing. This includes tablets and smartphones from Amazon Fire, Apple, and Android. Comparatively, other devices, including a web browser, smart TV, or gaming console, cannot download your favorite flicks. Thus, you can stream the content on your smartphone in subways or whenever you’re in the mood for an entertainment rush. 

However, you can switch if you don’t want to stream content on those tiny screens. You can totally watch disneyplus.com login/begin the content on your TV screens offline. Screencasting is a top-notch feature Disney+ that supports. Therefore, you might use Chromecast to channel a broadcast to your TV.

How to Change Disney's Offline Viewing Preferences?

You should adjust your settings first before downloading anything. The video quality, where you save the downloaded videos from Disney Plus, and whether you just want to download via Wi-Fi are all things you may control. Tap your profile image in the bottom-right corner, then tap App settings to change these settings. The appropriate options are listed below the Downloads header.

  • Turn on the Download over Wi-Fi-only toggle if you don’t want to over-optimize your cellular data. Once enabled, any pending downloads will only start when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Additionally, you can select the download quality from High, Medium, or Standard. Disney’s data usage can be managed by choosing a lesser quality because it requires less storage space and a speedier download. Your existing storage capacity will estimate how much stuff you can download for each quality.
  • Finally, select internal or external storage by tapping the Download location (like a microSD card). You won’t be able to do this if you don’t have any external storage.

Downloading Disney+ Content For Offline Viewing

Disney+ makes it easy to download content for offline viewing. Adhere to the directions below for the same. 

  • Go to the movie or TV show first.
  • For a movie, select Download (represented by a down arrow pointing to a horizontal line).
  • Scroll down to the Episodes for a TV series. Press the download symbol next to the season, then tap the confirmation box to download the whole season.
  • Alternatively, click the download icon located next to each episode.

The download will continue in the background even if you navigate away from the app. Further, you’ll be a notification when it’s finished.

Steps to View and Delete Downloads from Disney+

Follow the instructions below to stream the content you have downloaded from Disney Plus. Plus, this section covers the steps to delete the saved content.  

  • Tap the persistent download symbol in the bottom menu to view your downloads. Everything that you have downloaded and are downloading is shown here. 
  • The circle progress icon will change to a checkmark when it’s ready, so just choose something to start watching it.
  • Tap Edit, choose what you want to remove, and then tap the trash can symbol to erase a download. 
  • Simply tap the square symbol in the upper right to select everything at once. Navigate inside the series you wish to remove particular episodes from.

Shared Downloads Across All Disney+ Profiles

Large families will appreciate the fact that a single Disney+ account can hold up to seven profiles. The downloads are shared across a single account, but each profile receives tailored recommendations and can manage its own watchlist. Although content limits are observed, a youngster won’t be able to see anything mature on their downloads page if it was downloaded from their main adult profile.


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